We stand apart
from the competition.


We are proud of how we work. Vasapolli & Associati have developed a rigorous system of work procedures that run all the way through our organisation and across all of our different practice areas.

Our Vasapolli System stands us apart from the competition and provides a methodology and a level of quality control in all the services that we offer as well as acting as an effective monitor of our own performance.

Founded on extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the Italian and international business regulatory systems, we have developed procedures that include custom made software, questionnaires and checklists to guide our clients through the complexities of diverse business operations and at the same time ensuring that our professionals deliver consistent results.

These procedures are constantly updated and modified in response to the continuous changes in civil and fiscal legislation.

Our Vasapolli System guarantees the highest standards of professionalism, providing a unique and unrivalled service to our clients.