Net Worth Tax

There is no net worth tax.

Business Tax on Capital

No business tax on capital is levied in Italy.

Municipal Tax on Immovable Property (IMU) and Local Service Tax (TASI)

Both the municipal tax on immovable property and the local service tax are levied on the possession of immovable property (buildings, development land, rural land) located in Italy. A small portion (up to 30%) of TASI may be payable by the occupant of a building. For both IMU and TASI, the taxable base is the cadastral income, as determined by the immovable property registry, multiplied by a coefficient equal to 160 for residential property and to 65 for business property (with some exceptions).
The combined rate for IMU and TASI ranges from 0.46% to 1.06% depending on the municipality. This tax is partially deductible for corporate income tax purposes.