60 million consumers at home,
396 million consumers
in surrounding territories.

Vasapolli & Associati specialise in setting up or expanding businesses throughout Italy. As well as providing all tax, legal and accounting advice, we have strong contacts with public structures that provide incentives, grants and bureaucratic assistance.

The case for doing business in Italy is strong. Strategically it is located in the heart of the Mediterranean with land and communication corridors to southern, central and northern Europe. By air, most of Europe’s Capitals are within 2 hours flying time, as well as many in North Africa and the Middle East. This means that apart from the 60 million consumers at home, a business in Italy also has at its fingertips an international market of another 396 million consumers in surrounding territories.

With offices in both Turin and Milan, Vasapolli & Associati are located in the industrial and commercial heartland of Northern Italy and feel there are many good reasons to do business in the regions of Piedmont or Lombardy. However, in an era of electronic business communications and transactions, we have clients that are doing business throughout the entire country.

Why Piedmont?

Piedmont, with Turin as its capital, is in the heart of north-west Italy in a strategic position between northern Europe and the Mediterranean basin, ensuring high accessibility of goods and people, at the crossroads of Europe's two vital development axes.

As the top Italian region for private investment in Research and Development, Piedmont offers a blend of competencies and industries: automotive, design, robotics, information and communication technology, aerospace, agriculture and food processing, textiles, tourism, cinema, multimedia and emerging clusters such as bio and nano-technologies.

With a fabric of highly specialized small and medium-sized companies, the industrial districts confirm the diversification of the economy. Flexible and high-quality Human Resources can meet the increasing needs for advanced skills at competitive prices.

Turin and Piedmont offer all the advantages of Lombardy with significantly reduced business costs such as rents and wages.

Why Lombardy?

Like Piedmont, Lombardy has a strategic position in Europe, with an extensive transport infrastructure. Milan is the financial capital of Italy and one of the most important cities in Europe. With over 936 multi-nationals and 3,400 companies with foreign interests, it is a city that is committed to internationalisation. Commercially and industrially, it is one of the most developed and successful regions in the country with leading edge sectors such as design, fashion, innovation, health and higher education.